Investment Clubs.     Private Investors.     Family Investment.

Invest in Successful Small Businesses in your area.

Invest with Virtual Finance Companies.

We have more Clients than we can ever accommodate.

Passive  or Hands on  Investment.   Short Term Investments.    Long Term Investments.

Very Small Loans.  Large or Small Investments.

I will set you up in the Finance Company business. 

You own the Finance Company. You control the money. 

I will provide your entire Home Office and Administrative Support.


Captain Douglas  The creator of the Virtual Finance Company..  


Sooo....  You only have a few thousand dollars to invest.      

Merge your Skills and Public Relations talents with the MIF technologies.



How much will all this cost me?            Click Here.



Be on the House side of the Money Table.


When I am in Las Vegas, I do not play their games. 

They will not let me play from the House side of the table  




For the Seed Money, if you do not have enough cash available;

Form an Investment Club.     Organize a group of Investors.


Each Investor can be a:


Passive Investor with a Stop Loss Guarantee.  

No risk of loss of their original investment.  They will Provide cash to buy Inventory, Materials, Equipment or Supplies for Merchants.


or they can be a Guarantor.

They will earn 17% of all Stocking Fees paid on the value of the security they provide.   Cash is not required, only tangible security.


or they can Own a proportionate share of the Virtual Finance Company.

As a Share Holder in the Virtual Finance Company Corporation.


or you can be the Sole Owner of the Virtual Finance Company.

You and/or your designates hold all the outstanding Shares of Stock in the Virtual Finance Company.


Your choice.




?  Why use the Virtual Finance Proprietary Technology ?


Many very small loans vs. a single large loan.

The computers do not care how much work they have to do.

Dollar Devaluation. 

Short term to prevent being paid back with $0.50 dollars after hyper-inflation or the government sponsored annual inflation.

Quality of Clients. 

Successful Business owners vs. the general in debt borrowing segment of the population.

Stop Loss Guarantee

Insures Investors against the loss of Capital.


Home Office Cost - Margin of Profit.

Your entire Administrative Overhead will be less than 42% of conventional Finance Companies.



Would you like to own a bank?

What is a Bank? A Bank is an institution or an entity that borrows money from one person, pays that person for the use of the money, and then loans that money to a third person and charges that third person for the use of the money.


What is a Finance Company?      A Finance Company is a bank.


Why would anyone want to be in the Finance Company business?

The short answer is:

With the same amount of capital investment and the same amount of time and effort, there is nothing we can do that will provide a greater return.



Call Captain Douglas  Now.   Not tomorrow or sometime.   Now.    (727) 333-0850


Maybe you think you do not have enough money to start a Finance Company.  Let's talk about that.


Can you talk to potential investors if, you can offer that investor a double digit return on his investment, secured by tangible property

and an insured guarantee against loss of his capital investment?


I can set you up in the Finance Company business, and I can teach you how to run that business.




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Exponential Growth & Derivatives.                               Click Here

Exponential Growth is like planting one grain of wheat in the spring, and you reap a whole head of identical seeds in the fall.







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